SEO consultation (NATURAL SEO)

5 hours together (250 €) to study the competition and build your SEO strategy

9 years of experience, +450 improved sites.

8% discount for cryptocurrency settlements.

The 3 pillars of natural referencing:

What content do you produce for Internet users to discover you? How do you capture their attention?

How does the Google robot perceive your site? How to facilitate its passage and encourage it to rank you better?

Who is talking about you on the Internet and linking to your site? How to increase your authority?

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Optimize your conversion rate so you never miss a sale again

A practical vision of the points to improve on your site according to our experience and your data (Google Analytics, Search Console ...).

5 hours (250 €) to browse your site like an Internet user.

8% discount for cryptocurrency settlements.


Appear on the first page of Google

"Paid" referencing: optimization of your Google Ads / Bing Ads account.

Personalization and site redesign: stay in the race with a current site.

Choice of service within the framework of a referencing contract.

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